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Hatozaki Japanese Blended Whisky, 46%

ByThe Whisky Viking

Jan 22, 2023

Review #918 (2023)

This is a ”premium” blend with a high content of malt whisky (minimum 40%). It’s a blend made while they (Kaikyo Distillery) wait for their single malt whisky to mature. Very light with white fruits, lemongrass and a bit of sour marzipan in the smell.

Again, some white fruits in the taste, but here the marzipan isn’t sour. Just a hint smoke as well. The finish is sweet and medium long, however quite weak.

It is very easy drinking and quite sweet… Other than that… Well, just quite boring to be honest… However, it could be a good introduction for people that is new to whisky. I will give this 77/100 (18/19/20/20).

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