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Girvan 28 yo (1989/2018), Liquid Treasures, 52.7%

ByThe Whisky Viking

Sep 28, 2022

Review #723 (2018)

This is a single cask from the Entomology Series. It has matured in an ex-Bourbon barrel. Dessert bomb in the smell. Vanilla, caramel and apple pie. Do you even need a dessert when you have this?

You get the 52.7% in the taste! After the initial chock, burned caramel and a touch of oak shows. Sweet white fruits as well with Creme brûlée’s in the finish. Stays for quite a while with that sugary mouthfeel.

Once again, old grain strikes! It’s not overly complex, but if you like a good old dessert-like grain whisky, this is you! And when looking at the score, remember I am a sucker for old grain! I will give this 91/100 (23/23/23/22).

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