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Glengoyne 10 yo (1994/2005), SC Rum Finish, 61.8%

ByThe Whisky Viking

May 3, 2022

Review #371 (2016)

This distillery single cask bottling comes from cask number 90933 and only 294 bottles were made. The smell has this rubbery sweetness. Vanilla, almonds and hints of marzipan and honey comes to mind as well.

Very rubbery in the taste and very rough from the alcohol. If I would have guessed, I would have called this as a rum! If you like the rubbery kinds of rum, this would probably be a hit! A find it a bit off though, but that’s just my taste. The finish is a bit more mellow, still with rubber notes though, but with more vanilla.

This is way too strong to enjoy neat and in my opinion water really helps. It takes away some of those rubbery notes which just isn’t me. If I had rated this watered down, it would have scored several points higher. I will rate this 79/100 (20/19/20/20).

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