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Fary Lochan 5 yo (2012/2017), Rum Edition Batch #01, 64.7%

ByThe Whisky Viking

Dec 18, 2021

Review #809 (2019)

This was matured in two Bourbon casks for 4 years and then finished in 1 year in two Rum casks. Only 639 bottles were made. The ABV is very high, but the smell is actually quite calm. Very dry, with hints of rubber and white grapes.

Calm on the nose perhaps, but definitely not in the taste! The 64,7% hits you hard at first. Then the Rum influence, and lastly the oak and vanilla from the Bourbon casks. It almost comes in layers. Crisp green apples joins in the finish.

With a very high ABV and Rum cask maturation, I was expecting more on the nose. Lots of power in the rest of the experience though! I´m not the biggest fan, but if you enjoy single malt and the rubbery rums, you might find this very interesting! I will give this 81/100 (20/20/21/20).

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