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Wolfburn, No 128 (bottled 2017), 46%

ByThe Whisky Viking

Mar 27, 2023

Review #525 (2017)

This is a small batch release from Wolfburn, bottled in 2017, from lightly peated spirit matured in small casks. Sweet vanilla and marzipan in the smell. Light grassy notes and hay. Light citrus and just a touch of peat. Yes, the keyword is light!

The citrus and peat comes a bit forward in the taste. Sweet vanilla. The finish doesn’t change much. Like a medium long finish consisting of citrus, vanilla sweetness and a little peat.

I have had better from Wolfburn to put it politely. But it is young and I still see potential in the years to come. This is not a whisky I would sit and enjoy, but a whisky I can learn from, to see where Wolfburn is going. I will give this 79/100 (20/20/19/20).

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