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Lindores Abbey Single Cask (2019 STR Cask #190105), 55.3%

ByThe Whisky Viking

Feb 1, 2023

Review #921 (2023)

This is from the series “The Exclusive Cask” and comes from a STR Wine Barrique cask. It is bottled for the Danish market. It starts of with a bit of dried fruits, red berries and oak in the smell, but after a couple of minutes in the glass, it opens up for some incredible sweetness in the form of a mix of marzipan, vanilla and butterscotch!

The flavours come rushing in – but not in a chaos kind of way, but well behaved. Dried fruits, red berries, oak and tannins in the taste. This is followed by quite a long finish. It is quite oaky with some vegetation joining the fruity notes.

I fully understand why this exact cask was chosen! That smell! And it just gets better and better, and for such a young whisky, it’s so flavourful! I’m impressed – nothing less! I will give this 89/100 (23/22/22/22).

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