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Arran, The Devil´s Punch Bowl – Chapter II, 53.1%

ByThe Whisky Viking

Sep 1, 2022

Review #689 (2018)

This is Chapter II in the series and is called “Angels & Devils”. It consists of 27 casks distilled between 1997 and 2004. 17 sherry casks, 6 unpeated bourbon casks and 4 peated bourbon casks. 6660 bottles were made. Easy to note that different types of casks have been used here! A little bit of everything is going on in the smell. A little white fruits, dried fruits, vanilla and some peppery notes in the background. Just a wee bit of peat or hay.

Again, a little bit of everything is rushing in on the palate. A bit confusing… The white fruits mixes with some burned caramel and oak. The finish gets sweet and quite pleasant as the alcohol and tannins quiets down. Exotic fruits in the finish. Goes nicely with the burned caramel and oak.

After a couple of sips, the confusion from the initial taste is over, and you start to sense the different flavours from the different casks. If you like picking whiskies apart, this is for you! At this strength, and with this many layers in the whisky, don´t be afraid of playing with a little water. I will give this 88/100 (21/22/22/23).

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