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Cotswolds, Cask Expressions Collection – Sherry Cask (2020), 57.4%

ByThe Whisky Viking

Aug 28, 2022

Review #909 (2022)

In this series, the expressions will only have matured in one style of cask. In this expression, we are having a look at the Sherry casks from Cotswolds. It is a mix of Oloroso and PX Sherry, from American and European oak and only 9.900 bottles were made. Sweet dried fruits in the smell. Nuts and caramelized oranges.

Dried fruits – but in a fresh way, plums and brown sugar in the taste. The brown sugar goes on to the finish, and is joined by more dried fruit and a bit of oak spices.

Cotswolds doesn’t work too much with Sherry casks at the moment, but in my opinion, they can easily shift in this direction. Then again, I’m a Sherry maturation enthusiast… I will give this 87/100 (22/22/21/22).

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