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Glenallachie 11 yo (2000/2012), Provenance, 46%

ByThe Whisky Viking

Jun 4, 2022

Review #660 (2018)

This is from the series Provenance from Douglas McGibbon. It´s distilled Winter 2000 and was matured until Autumn 2012 in cask number DMG8689. It is very mild on the nose. Light white fruits and malted barley. Some citrusy notes as well.

A bit grassy with white fruits in the taste. Hints of vanilla with some sugary sweetness. The finish is medium but doesn’t add much new to the experience. It is basically just the same flavours as in the taste dying out…

This seems very young. However, it is 11 years old, which tells me that the quality of the cask hasn’t been very high. It simply doesn’t seems like the cask have had many things to offer to the whisky (they have used a worn out cask). I will give this 75/100 (18/18/20/19).

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