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Mosgaard Cask Experiment Series #2 (bottled 2021), 58.3%

ByThe Whisky Viking

May 7, 2022

Review #870 (2022)

This is triple matured – 3 years in 50 liters ex-Bourbon, then half a year in 250 liters ex-Cherry wine casks and finally half a year in 250 liters Muscatel casks. Fantastic smell full of berries (yes, cherries), dried fruits, vanilla and chocolate. Big fan!

Bitter marzipan and cherries in the taste. Dried fruits as well. Loads of sweetness, both from the cherry and muscatel casks, in the finish. And loads of flavours in both taste and finish, however, something is a bit beside my palate, compared to what whisky should be – I think perhaps the ex-Cherry wine casks have had too much influence (yes, very subjective)…

The smell is fantastic, and it’s a great whisky, don’t get me wrong. But the taste and finish doesn’t follow the score of the smell. I think the cherry casks influence too much for my taste… However, do you like cherry wine, I’m sure you will love this. Be aware that the score is a bit high, due to the fantastic smell. I will give this 85/100 (23/21/21/20).

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