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Glenrothes 12 yo, 40%

ByThe Whisky Viking

May 2, 2022

Review #886 (2022)

This is matured only in Sherry seasoned casks. Vanilla, raisins and other soft notes of dried fruits in the smell. Oak and just a dash of tropical fruits as well.

Much more spicy in the taste. Baked white fruits, some tropical fruits and lastly a dash of dried fruits in the background. The finish is a bit watery and doesn’t stick around too long. It’s mainly the oak and spices that dominates here.

I would have loved this to be just a bit higher in the ABV. 46%, or even just 43% would have done wonders! However, I understand the need of a low strength entry level whisky, so I will just stick to some of the other Glenrothes whisky out there. The liquid is fantastic, and I can only imagine the quality of some of the casks in their warehouses (I need to get to one of their warehouses at some point!). I will give this 83/100 (21/21/20/21).

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