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Thy Spelt Rye 2020, 50%

ByThe Whisky Viking

Mar 4, 2022

Review #875

This is a Rye whisky made from rye, barley and Dinkel wheat. In is matured in virgin white American oak. Only 1.078 bottles were made. Notes of Rye bread is the first I get in the smell. Some earthy notes and hints of oregano?? If they’re going for a Nordic inspired Rye, they have nailed it! However, I definitely prefer a “normal” style Rye…

Warm at first in the mouth. Seems young in the taste, but then a lot of oak influence comes forward – loads of spices. Much better finish, where all the sweetness comes forward. Vanilla, honey and toffee.

The smell really scared me, as little reminds me of Rye whisky, and simply just isn’t me… The taste was better, and lastly, I think the finish is quite good. Definitely interesting to try, as it is something completely different, but safe to say I won’t be buying a bottle… I will give this 76/100 (17/19/21/19).

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