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Glenmorangie 13 yo (bottled 2021), A Tale of Winter, 46%

ByThe Whisky Viking

Jan 11, 2022

Review #863 (2022)

A new limited edition from Glenmmorangie, finished in Marsala wine casks. Plenty of things happens in the smell, and it develops over time. Sweetness, both fruity sweetness, honey and vanilla, dried fruits, spices and oak.

Dark fruits, oak spices and some dried apricot in the taste, with just the perfect burn from the alcohol. A bit of chocolate in the finish, with some malty notes as well. Oak and the malted notes stays behind, as the fruity notes lingers off.

This really reminds me of Christmas. Christmas treats, cake, desserts etc. Very well put together, and people that enjoy fortified wine casks, will most likely enjoy this one. I know I do, and I did! I will give this 87/100 (22/22/21/22).

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