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Tormore 10 yo (circa 90s bottling), 43%

ByThe Whisky Viking

Dec 28, 2021

Review #788 (2019)

An old official bottling from Tormore. You can still find some of these old bottlings, fair priced, on auctions. It´s full of vanilla in the smell. Crisp pears and a bit of grass. Almost like apple juice in the background.

White fruits and hints of burned caramel in the taste. Grassy notes again. Lemongrass and a bit of malted barley. Some burned oak peeps forward in the finish to accompany the white fruits, which is what sticks around.

Looking at the price vs quality, I would probably not buy this. However, it´s quite different from todays Tormore, and for that reason alone makes it quite interesting (in my opinion). I will give this 79/100 (20/19/20/20).

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