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Scapa Skiren, 40%

ByThe Whisky Viking

Dec 27, 2021

Review #384 (2016)

The new (2015) addition to the Scapa range. It is matured in first fill American white oak casks. These have been distilled in their Lomond still, which is one of the only working Lomond still left in Scotland, regarding Whisky distillation (Bruichladdich have one as well, where they distill their Botanist Gin). First on my nose is citrus, followed by vanilla and malted barley/new make notes.

Lot of citrus again in the taste. Slightly salty with hints of burned oak. The full-bodied flavours (which ain´t many) dies fast in the finish, and you are left with the citrusy notes. All the way through the vanilla and honey lies in the background.

To be honest it seems a bit young and a bit boring. Not very complex either. You can give it a drop of water, but be very careful as it drowns easily. I miss the 16 year old… I will give this 81/100 (20/21/20/20).

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