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Glenfiddich, Experimental Series #01 – IPA, 43%

ByThe Whisky Viking

Dec 16, 2021

Review #751 (2019)

The Speyside Craft Brewery made an India Pale Ale beer, aged in Glenfiddich casks for a month. After that, they returned the casks to the distillery, where this expression was finished for three months. Oak and spices in the smell. White fruits and just a dash of citrus. In the background you clearly notice that IPA influence.

The IPA influence gives the whisky a quite soapy character in the taste. Flower water… Can’t really focus about much else… The sweetness comes back in the finish. Some burned caramel and oak. It’s better than the taste, but still carries too much influence from the taste, of notes I don’t care for.

A strange balance. The smell is okay, with the influence from the IPA being positive (or neutral at least). The IPA influence in the taste is just not for me – reminds me too much of soap, and then the finish tries to save the whisky, but quite cant… I will give this 76/100 (20/17/19/20).

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