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  • FEW Rye Cask Strength, 60.57%

FEW Rye Cask Strength, 60.57%

Review #722 This is the cask strength version of the Rye from FEW, produced in Evanston, Illinois. For a whisky above 60%, I ain’t getting much in the smell to…

Balcones, Texas Single Malt Whisky – Classic Edition, 53%

Review #861 (2021) The Scottish distilleries don’t use it anymore, but Balcones have made this single malt from the classic Golden Promise barley. Over ripe plums (a bit too ripe!)…

Balcones, Texas Pot Still Bourbon, 46%

Review #860 (2021) This is made purely from pot stills and is a straight Bourbon whisky. Even though it is 46%, it is quite mild on the nose. Corn, white…

Balcones, Baby Blue – Corn Whisky, 46%

Review #859 (2021) This Texan corn whisky, is made from roasted blue corn. Vanilla and a lot of citrusy notes in the smell. It is not hiding its youthfulness… A…