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  • Karuizawa 11 yo, Asama, 46%

Karuizawa 11 yo, Asama, 46%

Review #138 (2015) This 11 year old is from 2 vintages. 1999 and 2000. I saw this by a coincidence in Drum Bar in Malmö (Sweden). The smell is very…

Hibiki 12 yo, 43%

Review #197 (2015) This is expensive, so the expectations are a bit high. Amongst other, it has malt whisky from Yamazaki and Hakushu and grain whisky from Chita. The smell…

Hakushu 12 yo, 43%

Review #29 (2014) Let’s take a trip to the forests of Japan, where this distillery is situated. This is a Japanese single malt delight. A powerful but delicate delight. The…