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  • Thy No. 13 – Stovt (bottled 2020), 51%

Thy No. 13 – Stovt (bottled 2020), 51%

Review #877 ”Stovt” or ”Stout” (translated from Danish), is a light expression from Thy Whisky. It is a mix of Oloroso Sherry casks and Bourbon barrels, peated and unpeated. When…

Thy No. 9 – Bøg (bottled 2019), 50.8%

Review #876 ”Bøg” or ”Beech” (translated from Danish), is the beech smoked expression from Thy Whisky. Only 741 bottles were made. A light smoky smell – bonfire smoke. Very woody,…

Thy Spelt Rye 2020, 50%

Review #875 This is a Rye whisky made from rye, barley and Dinkel wheat. In is matured in virgin white American oak. Only 1.078 bottles were made. Notes of Rye…

Thy No. 15 – Fjordboen (bottled 2021), 49.5%

Review #874 ”Fjordboen” or ”people living in inlets” (translated from Danish), is the unpeated, Sherry matured expression from Thy Whisky.  It is 3-4 year old Oloroso Sherry casks, mixed with…