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Glen Flagler 5 yo, Rare All-Malt Scotch, 40%

ByThe Whisky Viking

Oct 19, 2023

Review #933 (2023)

This is a 100% Pot Still whisky. I’m not convinced that this is a single malt – it might just be a blended malt – but that doesn’t make this any less rare! Malty and spicy in the smell. Mandarin and a bit of oak.

Malted and citrusy in the taste. Very compact and flavorful for a 5 year old whisky, with a nice medium to long finish.

Very fun to try! Probably my first and last Glen Flagler. Unfortunately, I found a bit of off notes, as you can do sometimes in old miniatures. I may have to buy a bottle and try! Due to these off notes, I will not be rating this expression. / NoRate

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