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Craigellachie 14 yo (2007/2022), Adelphi (#900682), 60.9%

ByThe Whisky Viking

Jun 6, 2022

Review #892 (2022)

This is bottled exclusively for Denmark, from a Sherry cask with the cask number #900682. Only 284 bottles were made. Rum soaked raisins and dark red berries in the smell. A bit of chocolate cake and cinnamon as well.

Big alcohol kick at first in the taste. Then the flavours come rushing in. The sweetness from the dried fruits comes forward, alongside some oak and just a hint tannins. The finish is long, and you can just keep chewing this dram. The oak mixes wonderfully with some vanilla in the finish and is a great companion to the dried fruits.

Adelphi is always very high quality, and this is no exception. Craigellachie is also a great distillery – especially when it comes to Sherry matured whisky (and yes, I’m a big fan of Sherry casks!). The high ABV is also great, as it is easy to experiment with water, without “drowning” the whisky. I will give this 89/100 (23/22/22/22).

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