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St George, Marks & Spencer, 43%

ByThe Whisky Viking

Dec 23, 2021

Review #533 (2017)

This is a no age statement bottled for Mark’s & Spencer in UK. This cannot be very old. The smell is almost like new make spirit, just a bit more calm. And that is most likely because they have watered it down to 43%. Malted barley, apples and pears and just a hint of citrus.

The taste is exactly what the nose promises. Very young, but due to the low ABV, not very aggressive. Very much like the smell, but some floral notes comes into play as well. Is it lavender? The finish is medium long and probably the nicest thing about this whisky. Not much changes though…

This is definitely not for the whisky consumers, but for the “mixers”! There is just so much better whisky out there to enjoy, but maybe this is good in drinks and cocktails. Else, I don’t know the purpose of this whisky… I will give this 73/100 (18/18/19/18).

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