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Fary Lochan 6 yo (2013/2019), Efterår Batch #3, 48.3%

ByThe Whisky Viking

Dec 18, 2021

Review #811 (2019)

This is a single cask, bottled from a Oloroso hogshead. Only 525 bottles were made. Very dry in the smell. Oak and just a dash of flower water (hope there is no FWP here!).

A nice alcohol touch at first in the taste. Unfortunately a bit of an off note for me as well – that old flower water note again… The long finish is my favourite part. Dry oak, vanilla with a little tannins and dried fruits. Oh it stays…

It’s not quite my cup of tea. The finish however, drives the score up to an acceptable level. If you don’t mind that “old flower water” taste, then just go for it – many other good aspects in this whisky. I will give this 80/100 (19/20/22/19).

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