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Edradour 12 yo, Caledonia Selection, 46%

ByThe Whisky Viking

Dec 10, 2021

Review #853 (2021)

This is the Caledonia Selection from Edradour, matured in Oloroso Sherry casks. It has a wonderful colour, so let’s see if taste as wonderful as well. Wood spices and dried fruits in the smell.

Unfortunately, I get these Edradour soapy notes in the taste, that you sometimes get in their whisky. The soapy notes is not as apparent in the finish (still there though…), and the dried fruits takes over alongside some sweetness that comes forward.

Remember that taste is subjective, and you might enjoy these notes I dislike. And if you do, this might be right up your alley. I just couldn’t get over the soap… I will give this 77/100 (22/17/19/19).

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